Sunday, 26 June 2016

Swamp Girl

Calgary artist, Calgary art commission, Oil painting, realism, portrait, Amy Gaulin
Oil painting titled "Swamp Girl", based on a photograph taken by Lorianne Giles. 

Violet Grey

Oil Painting, Figure, Nude, Calgary artist, Commission, Art, Realism
The first oil painting I've done without drawing out the form before beginning. I used a new colour palette and looser painting style, so it's a series of firsts. 

Shed Land

Antlers, charcoal drawing, black and white, calgary artist, realism
Charcoal drawing of a group of antlers that has been collected over many years in Southern Alberta.

The Boy With Infinite Shorts

Oil painting, art, artist, calgary artist, realism, collage, surreal
 This is an oil painting collaboration between myself and Daniel Audet. We selected photos from eachother's references, and found a way to fit everything together. We both worked on every part of this painting. 

Drawing Commission

wolf, wolfblowing smoke, black and white, charcoal drawing, commission
Drawing using charcoal on BFK Rives paper

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Charcoal, drawing, art, destroyer, black and white, art commission
 Charcoal drawing of a French Destroyer ship from WWII on BFK Rives paper.