Sunday, 9 April 2017


portrait, oil paint, calgary artist, art commission, painting, Amy Gaulin, scarf, model
Oil painting of a model I did a photoshoot of, posing with fabrics


Calgary artist, realism, portrait, black and white, charcoal, drawing, pipe
 Charcoal drawing of my dad's grandpa with his pipe and bag of tobacco


Stove, rusty, charcoal, drawing, black and white, realism
Charcoal drawing of an old rusty stove found at my boyfriend's parents' property


Small charcoal drawing of my grandma, Elizabeth


wood stain, finger painting, commission, calgary artist, guns, pipes
Wood stain finger painting of an old friend James.


charcoal, drawing, black and white, model, calgary artist, portrait
Charcoal drawing from model photoshoot 


charcoal, drawing, black and white, bow, nude,
Charcoal drawing from a model photoshoot; the model posing with a satin bow I made