Sunday, 27 October 2013

Altered Books

I love making books from scratch, but sometimes the hard cover of an existing book inspires me to work directly into its pages. 

 For this one I took pages from a music theory book and crafted them into a paper accordion. I removed all of the pages out of another book and cut down the cover to the size of the accordion.

 The following images are from an altered book I made after finding a magazine on 100 photographs that shaped history. I wasn't fond of looking at the pictures in a magazine form, so I cut them all out with the corresponding information, and sewed them into pages with hardware and lace.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Progress of "Ken in Repose"

Photos of painting in progress, done with my finger, a sock, and wood stain.

Wood StainWood Stain

Wood Stain paintingWood Stain Painting

Wood Stain Painting, Finger Painting

Process for painting "Possessions"

The progress of this wood stain painting; done with just my finger, a sock, and wood stain.

Wood Stain Painting, Finger PaintingWood Stain Painting, Finger Painting
I started out applying just burgundy wood stain, then began adding olive green.

At this point, I started adding a brown wood stain for the rest of the detail and to even out the colours.

Wood Stain Painting, Finger Painting

Goalie Mask

I've been trying my hand at airbrushing lately, and my brother asking me to do his helmet was the perfect opportunity to practice. For the really small details I used a paint'll take a looong time before I can get those small of marks with an airbrush!

Airbrushing, Goalie Mask

Airbrushing, Goalie Mask
His hockey team's logo is a wolf that is design as a cartoon. He asked if I could make it look more realistic so I used the placement of features from his logo but referenced pictures of wolves for the rest. 

Airbrushing, Goalie Mask

Airbrushing, Goalie Mask
 He has a tattoo of a fleur de lis inside of a maple leaf on his calf. It is different colours and a different style, but I made the fleur de lis look similar to metal to match the cage.

Airbrushing, Goalie Mask
 Apart from being the popular "brick wall in front of the net", he's also a stone mason which makes the stone pattern significant.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Wood Stain painting, Finger painting
This is my grandfather, Ken. I painted this on bare wood using my finger, a sock, and wood stain.

Oil painting
My friend's grandmother, Micheline, painted in oil on canvas.

Oil Painting, Painting Detail
Detail of painting of Micheline.

Wood Stain painting, Finger painting
Also painted by finger with woodstain. Pieces from my collection of odd hardware objects.

Tea painting
Painted with tea and ink.

 Appropriation of Gerhard Richter.

Wood Stain painting, Finger painting
Another wood stain piece on bare wood.

Oil painting of Curtis Glencross.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Just a taste of a couple silkscreens...

Silkscreen, Stipple

Silkscreen, vintage photography

Relief and Collagraph Printing

When printing my woodblock carvings, I don't use printmaking presses, rather, I use my hands and different pressures to achieve lighter and darker impressions. 

Image carved into wood and printed by hand. 

This plate for this image is made up of rice, fabric scraps, and string glued to a masonite board.

Intaglio, Otherwise Known as Etching

Photo etching of my grandmother Elizabeth (far left), her sister Barbara, and their mother Virginia. Chine colle technique used to apply handmade paper to the bottom of the print.

Stipple technique on a copper plate. I made this by repeatedly poking a steel stipple tool into copper.

Scratched into plexiglass with a printmaking needle.

Same as above with a different inking and wiping technique. 

Deep bite acid etch into copper.

Soft ground impression of a lufa. Yup...a lufa sponge

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Lithography is perhaps the most error prone, time consuming, and frustrating way to make multiples of your drawings. However, once you get past the first couple months of struggling, it can become the most rewarding printmaking technique. For me, when I am in the process of printing lithography, I tune into the rolling, the inking, the counting, the printing, and it becomes quite relaxing and satisfying. 

I drew this with a grease crayon onto stone, and after taking it through various etching stages, I printed it while using a chine colle technique.

 For the more loose and washy drawings such as this one, I first apply xerox toner powder to a ball grained aluminum plate and draw into it with my fingers to create images. 


 More drawings on stone with grease crayons and pencils.