Monday, 21 April 2014

Sculpting Work

I spent the last year working for a sculpting company in Victoria called Ultimate foam Creations, and continue to work at another called I Like It 3D. Here are some pictures of sculptures I've made as well as assisted on while being involved in these two companies. 

Cartoon triceratops and Sasquatch head, both sculpted with a tomato knife.

Stage prop for a musical theatre production of Cinderella in the Victoria Performing Arts Festival.

Egyptian columns and stone walls for home theatre.

Mounted Shark head and the initial sculpting of it.

Ice Cream Carousel for Oldfield Orchard and Bakery, sculpted with a tomato knife.

Nine foot tall toilet plunger for The Super Plumber.

3D Sign for Gibraltar Management.

T-Rex head with glowing eyes for Liquor Planet.

Rocket and robot for VIATeC. Complete with Fog and lights that are automated to audio tracks.


  1. Hi Amy,

    This is Andrea, the girl you met at Swinton's Art Supply Store today that you discussed art supplies with. This sculpture stuff is really impressive! That's so cool that the robot has fog and lights that are linked to audio too! Your oil paintings are really good! That swamp girl was super realistic!